Questions we hear frequently!

Is the weather suitable for swimming?

The weather is sunny and hot all day long, ideal for swimming. However it gets pretty cold after the sunset, so don’t forget to bring warm clothes and a good sleeping bag with you.

I don’t have a tent. Can Sundance or the j-fest help?

Unfortunately, neither the camp nor the festival can provide tents, and there are no tents for sale at the festival venue either. Do not forget to bring your tent with you or buy one from Antalya.


Can I bring along my kid?

Sure! Please don’t forget to fill out the form for attendants under the age of 18 and bring it along with you.


Do you have enough space for camper vans or caravans?

Yes, we have space reserved for your Mobile homes but it is very limited. So you must inform us of your request in advance.

Is it allowed to light a fire in the camping area?

The open space between the office and the restaurant and space by the bar are the areas that we light fires. Lighting fires elsewhere is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

However, you can use camp stoves that you bring with you or gather from Tekirova for cooking.


I am under 18 years of age. Can I attend to the J-fest?

Yes, you can. If you are between 16-17 years of age we need you to bring a parent consent form.

If you are under 16 years of age we need you to submit a parental consent form as well as have an adult to accompany you at the festival who will be responsible for you.

Please follow this link for the required consent form.

Is there internet access in the J-Fest area?

Power sockets and wi-fi are available in the Sundance camp restaurant but not in the festival area.


Can I bring my dear dog or cat with me?

Since a unique ecosystem has been formed in the Sundance festival area in many years, it is possible to see ducks, horses, and dogs wandering around freely. Unfortunately, pets without exception are not allowed in the festival area in order to avoid any tensions among animals. Thank you for your understanding. 

I am a vegetarian/vegan. Is vegetarian/vegan food available in the Sundance camp area?

Although vegetarianism/veganism is not very common in name in Turkey, the country is famous for its vegetable dishes as well.  So you can find food that does not contain meat in the restaurant.

However, if you are a vegan you should be careful. You can ask the restaurant staff or shop for food from the nearest grocery store.


Where can we get food and drinks?

The Sundance Camp kitchen provides three meals a day. You can also shop from Tekirova that is half an hour from the camp area and cook your own food.


Does the festival offer any discounts for specific age or occupation groups (i.e. students)?

We offer discounts and free entrances for those under the age of 17. and 16. Unfortunately, there are no other discounts available. Please check out the “Entrance Fees” information for further detail.


Is the accommodation cost included in the entrance fee?

If you are bringing your tent with you, your accommodation cost is included in the entrance fee. If you want to stay in Sundance camp tree houses or bungalows you need to contact the Sundance Camp.