Festival Venue








As always, our festival will be held in the Sundance Camp at Phaselis Bay, Antalya. Located inside a forest, the Sundance Camp has app. 160.000 square meters of area and it's own beachfront. Sundance Camp has its own beach, shower and restroom facilities, a camping area for tents, bungalows and treehouses, a restaurant and a bar.

Workout places you can use during the festival:

  • 70 square meter Dome Tent, on soil with carpet floor (1)

  • 150 square meter Dome Tent, with elastic wooden dance floor (1)

  • 240 square meter Big Dome Tent, on soil with carpet floor (1)

Bungalows /

Accommodation in the festival area will be in your personal tents you will bring with you. Tent accommodation costs are included in the Festival Entrance Fee.

If you like enjoying nature and the sky, you can always close your eyes into the silence of the night, taking out your sleeping bag on the grasses.




Those who do not prefer to stay in tents can use bungalows or tree houses in the festival venue. The Festival Entrance Fee does not include this accommodation option.

Those who prefer to stay in bungalows or treehouses are recommended to reserve their place in advance.

For reservation, please fill out the reservation form at www.sundancecamp.com or contact by phone

(+90 242 821 41 61).