Participants will come with the caravan!

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We have an important announcement for caravan owners for this year!


As a result of the arrangements that had made last year in the festival area, there are brand new camping areas. These new areas include new caravan areas with drainage, clean drinking water, and electricity facilities. Those who will come with their caravans can park their homes in the caravan area and benefit from the caravan area facilities by paying a caravan entrance fee of 800 TL.

Those who will come with their caravans can make their reservations in this limited number of caravan areas by sending an information mail to in advance.

The cost of participating in the festival with your caravan is 800 TL.


-Frequently Asked Questions-

-What is included in the caravan fee (800 TL)?

The caravan participation fee of 800 TL only includes the use of the caravan and the camping area (water, waste, electricity, putting a tent in the camping area, and using the common camping kitchen corner). This fee does not include the festival participation fee of the participants.


-I do not want to take advantage of the caravan facilities (water, electricity, unloading, etc.). Do I still have to pay the caravan fee or is there a discount available?

There are no discounts on festival fees and the entrance fee with the Caravan is fixed, and if you wish, you can benefit from the services for your caravan needs free of charge. (Using is left to the participant's choice).

-I didn't/couldn't make a reservation before I came with my caravan. Can I enter by registering at the door and paying the fee?

Since the caravan area is limited, no additional space will be opened. We strongly recommend that you make your reservation before your arrival to avoid any problems at the registration gate..


-I will not park in the trailer area. My vehicle can stay in the parking lot. Do I still have to pay the caravan participation fee?

With the experience we have gained from previous years, caravans will not be able to be parked in the parking lot at the entrance in order to use the parking areas more conveniently this year.

You can park your caravans in nearby settlements or districts if you do not want to attend the festival with your caravan.

-I have a pet in my trailer and I need to park it in a cool area for its needs. Can I get help in the area?
Unfortunately. First of all, due to reasons such as the presence of other dogs in charge of guarding the land during the year on the Sundance land where the Turkish Juggling Festival is held, and the participants having problems with their pets during the festival and their disorder after the festival (not protecting the land, running away, fighting with other dogs or being afraid of other dogs, etc.). We regret that you will not be able to take your pets (cat, dog, chicken, etc) to the campsite by any means. Therefore, being in a caravan will not change this situation. (We also think that you will not leave your pets in the caravan in the 45-degree heat of Antalya, and we inform you that we will not allow this.)

Are caravan and tent sites nearby? Can we put our tent next to our trailer?
Yes, this year caravan areas were included in the tent area and a large camping area was created.

Are the caravan and camping areas far from the festival event area? Or showers and toilets?
-No, we can even state that it is closer than in previous years.

If you think that you could not find an answer to your questions, you can send us an e-mail about accommodation with a caravan.

Hope to see you at the festival!