Would you like to be a Full/Part-time volunteer at the festival during J-fest?


During the J-fest festival, you can work 6 days and 6 hours per day between 21-27 September.

- During the festival, your meals will be covered and your entrance fee will be refunded on the last day.

- As there is a limited quota, you need to fill out the form by clicking on the link above or by sending us a well-explained email in which field you want to work.


- If you apply, we will place you in the convenient areas on the dates between 14-18 of September to inform you immediately.

- The total quota is limited up to 15 people.

- The volunteers are required to enter the festival area exactly from 21 September until 20.00 pm (1 day before the festival).


Dates: 21-22-23-24-25 and 26 September


- Will be able to help in the restaurant kitchen

- Juice Bar

- Catering or collection of tables

- Dishwasher

- Fastfood stands

- Emptying of the Festival trash can

- Bar






During the festival, if you want to become one of the short time volunteers, all the information you need to know are;


- The standard time for part-time work is 2 hours

- You can get as many of these tasks as you like.

- 1 meal-ticket for 1 part-time duty.
- You can apply from the registration desk.