Would you like to be a volunteer?

Dear volunteers,

We attach much importance to the concept of “from jugglers to jugglers”.

The main reason for us to attach such importance to this concept is to create a festival that everyone can call “ours” and embrace as such.

If you decide to volunteer for the festival or have an idea please keep reading.


Although our names can seem to differ as organizers, performers, students and etc., every one of us owns this festival and everyone is a “volunteer”.


“Our festival” is held only by the fees that our guests pay. The Festival organization committee, performers, students, and even relatives pay the festival fee in FULL, and everyone is a “volunteer”.  


By this means we can proudly say that we have had no sponsors or advertisers for years.


It is this understanding that makes every one of us embrace the festival as our own; it is because everyone is a volunteer, everyone is an organizer, and everyone is a performer.  We feel lucky for sharing this feeling.

Thank you very much in advance for all your help and contributions.


Willing volunteers can work on 2-3 working areas:


  • Setting up the breakfast in the morning, washing the dishes, or cooking

  • Working in the kitchen on 3 meals for festival volunteers during the preparation week

  • Preparing a shopping list or shopping


If you think you are familiar with the arts, visuals, and handicrafts;

  • Preparing the boards, signs, paintings, or decorations to adorn the festival area

  • Providing creative ideas on festival decoration



If you think you are handy for almost anything, this broad range of work on set-up is just your cup of tea.

  • Carrying heavy equipment, carrying staff from the storeroom

  • Carrying the decorations to the festival area, tent set-ups

  • Wiring the festival area

  • Cleaning the festival area

  • Hanging the announcements and nailing the signs



If you would like to be a volunteer for the festival setup, please send an e-mail to jfestinfo@gmail.com or fill out the form above on September 10th, 2022, at the latest.  We kindly ask volunteers who would like to participate in the preparations, to arrive at the camp area on the evening of September 17 Tuesday at the latest.


Please contact us if you have any problems with the arrival dates.

Even if you can not join in the preparation, please don't feel bothered. You can always help us by having all the fun during the festival!