Entry fees and Tickets


An important change!!!!

This year, there will be no ticket sales at the door for our 15th J-Fest 2022 Festival.

You can buy your tickets with a card*** from the online ticket tab of our website. (Early ticket prices are until August 15 and are limited in number.)

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Still, there are some things that do not change.

For example, we still DO NOT HAVE DAILY TICKET PRICES and there is no discount for weekend participants. During registration, we kindly ask you not to insist on this issue.


Festival-specific money cards, which you can buy in Euro and Dollar as well as Turkish lira, are valid in the festival area.

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***Please check the Distance Sales Agreement​, Privacy Policy and Delivery-Return conditions.

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Participants under the age of 18!
If you are under 18, you pay the price on the day the festival starts. (You may still want to send an e-mail on the subject for more information)


If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must e-mail us so we can send you a discount coupon. (Born on or before September 26, 2004)

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Participants under the age of 16 can attend our festival free of charge. (Born after September 26, 2006)


IMPORTANT! Parent consent form if you are between the ages of 16-18; If you are under the age of 16, an adult is required to accompany you to j-fest in addition to completing a parental consent form.

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More detailed,

If you were born after September 21, 2005, you must attend with a parent consent form under the age of 16 and a parent to accompany you.
If you were born between September 21, 2003 and 2005, it is sufficient and mandatory to bring a parental consent form between the ages of 16-17.
So if you are between the ages of 16 and 18, it is mandatory to bring a parental consent form with you. You can print out the required form and download it to your computer to have it signed by your legal parents. You can download the required form from this link to your computer.
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What is included in the Entry Fee?

The entrance fees to the festival include accommodation with your own tent, camping area facilities (shower and WC), use of 24-hour working places, participation in all workshops and shows. Meals and stay in bungalows are not included in the entrance fee. If you wish to stay in bungalows or treehouses, you must contact Sundance camp at www.sundancecamp.com prior to your arrival.


J-Fest Registration Form!

You must officially indicate your population information to the friends at the door. Only an identity card, driver's license or passport will be accepted.






The Festival fee includes; the festival entrance, accommodation by personal tents, usage of the camping facilities (Showers and WC), 24 hours juggling tents for all workshops and performances.